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Finding Creative Focus in Recruitment Marketing 

Written by: Haydn Morgans | Jul 3, 2023

Marketing is a creative industry. But what happens when you’re struggling to find that creative spark? On Episode 16 of The Skill Point Podcast we spoke to Jess Cook, the Head of Content at LASSO and Co-host of That’s Marketing, Baby, about how to keep creativity at the centre of your work. 

Idea Generation 

Jess’s first tip is “Get on the phone with a customer.” Reflect their language back in your copy. Listen to their problems and solve them in your marketing or services. They can tell you exactly what they want from you, which sparks ideas for content, strategy and products. 

Secondly, Jess recommends looking at sales calls. She said “If you can sit in on a sales call,listen to what they say and how they talk. They’re talking to prospects every day who share their problems, so they see trends in the market that could inspire you”. 

The third place to look for ideas is in customer success. “What are our customers saying? What happened on the day they realised they needed you?” Jess asked. Find the straw that broke the camel’s back and build your content around that.  

Jess’s fourth and final source of ideas is the people in your company who have experience of being where your customers are. “Within LASSO,” Jess said, “we have a tonne of folks who used to work in an event production warehouse. I can go to those folks and say, ‘Hey, tell me about what it’s like to work in a warehouse’. They can tell me what it’s like to be our customers, and have practical experience of how our product will change their lives. 

When you put those four sources together you’ll have killer emotional insights that can inform your content and spark a host of ideas for your content.

Find a Creative Centrepiece 

When you’re launching a new product or campaign, it’s helpful to find a creative centrepiece that can tie everything together. Start with a strategy that establishes what you’re announcing, what the message is and who your content is aimed at. 

Jess shared an example from LASSO’s recent inventory product launch, where they made a launch video that was based on an insight from an SME call. “It was a 15-second video that introduced our new inventory product. We used it everywhere. It was on the landing page, in our emails, as a GIF, on our social posts… We created this short, creative piece that felt very impactful that we could repurpose through the entire new product announcement campaign.”

Having one centrepiece makes content creation easier, because you can take one idea and translate it into different forms. That builds consistent messaging and momentum in your marketing. Who doesn’t want that? 

Repurpose Content

Building a content machine is the key to successful marketing. Here at Search Stack we love using podcasts as cornerstone content, because you can stretch it into so many other forms of collateral. It’s an efficient way to reduce brainstorming time and create more content that’s already in-line with your goals. 

To learn more about sparking creativity and reducing your content creation time, tune into The Skill Point Podcast here