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What’s in the guide?

What is this?
We’re giving away all of our trade secrets, including the blueprint for using a podcast to structure your marketing strategy for the coming year.

Who’s this for?
This guide is aimed at leaders in the recruitment space, helping you catapult your company into the spotlight with keystone content. The benefits are endless, from expanding your network to building better brand awareness.

What’s in it?
In this handy download, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to establish yourselves as experts in your niche, how to craft a compelling episode and the best gear to get yourself set up.


  • What Makes Podcasts the Future
  • Identify Your Concept & Audience
  • Create Your Brand
  • Figure out the How, Where & When?
  • What Topics Should You Cover?
  • Finding the Perfect Podcast Guest
  • Hardware Checklist
  • Software Checklist
  • Stretching Your Content
  • Podcast Promotion