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Revolutionise Your Social Marketing Strategy With Video

Written by: Haydn Morgans | Nov 21, 2022

For recruitment companies and consultants, building a community of engaged talent on platforms like LinkedIn creates an invaluable resource. 

If you’re looking to level up your social media marketing game, the perfect way to engage your audience is through video. According to LinkedIn, videos are 5 times more likely to start a conversation amongst users than other forms of content, which prompts the platform’s algorithm to promote your pieces to a wider audience. 

Video marketing can grow your brand up to 49 times faster than text or picture posts, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to grow your audience. 

Sound exciting? 

Read on for our tips for how to make and use videos in a marketing campaign!

Plan Your Content 

Be conscious of the length of videos that you’re making and where you plan to share it. People on socials want to scroll through bite-sized pieces, so consider how you’ll put your message into a short, consumable clip. If you’re tackling big topics, break them down into smaller bits that you can turn into a video series. 

Add Value

Always add value to your audience. Is what you’re talking about relevant? Is it providing insights or information? Posting high-impact marketing videos that boost your brand awareness should be done far less frequently than sharing value-adding brand consideration videos to your channel. 

Script It

Scripting your video can help you keep out any unwanted waffle. Avoid complicated language as this will also alienate people who aren’t in your area and make it inaccessible to a lot of viewers. Rehearse your scripts so you come across as confident and knowledgeable. Keep your content concise, speak clearly and avoid repeating yourself. 

Get Viewers Hooked

Start your videos with a hook that tells viewers what you’re offering them. LinkedIn says that interest drops from 65% to 45% after around 10 seconds of view time, so be clear about why they should watch your content. 

Pace Yourself

Be mindful of your pacing. If you speak so fast that people can’t understand you then you’ll lose your audience, but you also don’t want people to get bored if you’re taking too long to offer them something of value. Find the sweet spot somewhere in the middle to keep your viewers switched on. 

Build a Niche

Consistently posting content in your niche will help you build a reputation and attract a community of like-minded people. Posting directly to groups that your target market is in will help you reach the right people quickly. Once you’ve established yourself as a thought leader in their field, your audience is more likely to come directly to you. 

Be Inclusive 

If you’re regularly producing videos, make sure your cast reflects the people you’re trying to appeal to. Whether you’re inviting diverse guests, stitching videos with people from different backgrounds or including a variety of people from your company, having representation can help make your community inviting to a wider audience. 

Post Regularly

Just one or two videos won’t make an impact. It’s important to have a long-term plan and stick to it if you want to build your following and provide meaningful content to your audience. You don’t have to post every day, but deciding on a schedule and sticking to it is really important if you want to build trust within a community. 

Engage Your Audience

Once your videos are out there, connect with your audience by asking them questions and replying to their comments. It’s helpful to use a call to action such as ‘tell me what you think in the comments’ or ‘if you want to hear more, contact me on xyz’. Even inviting people to share their perspective is a valuable tool. People will come back to your page if you’ve made them feel like part of your network or community.

If you’ve read all of that and still don’t quite know where to start, drop us an email and one of our team will be more than happy to talk through some ideas with you!