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Using LinkedIn Ads to Promote Your Recruitment Business

Written by: Haydn Morgans | Aug 14, 2023

LinkedIn is a key tool for recruiters. But what about their paid ads? 

Are you using them? Are you using them well? 

On Episode 19 of The Skill Point Podcast we spoke to Justine Rowe, the Founder of Impactable, which is a b2b marketing and ads agency that specialises in getting the most out of LinkedIn. 

Justin talked us through his insights on LinkedIn ads, as well as his advice for levelling-up your ad game. 

Why is LinkedIn a good platform for ads?

LinkedIn is a thriving social platform where creators are regularly sharing valuable content that’s specifically tailored to business leaders and key decision makers. “LinkedIn is one of the largest personal networks out there, the place where b2b buyers actually come to learn and be influenced on buying decisions,” Justin said. “It’s a great place to hang out organically, and it’s a great place to have your ads.” The platform has changed dramatically in the last 20 years since its launch, growing from an online resume site into the bustling community hub that it is now. If you’re looking to target a specific demographic of professionals, LinkedIn is the place to be. 

Are LinkedIn ads good value? 

There are plenty of channels for paid ads online. From other social media platforms to Google or other websites, there are lots of options to choose from. So is LinkedIn really worth the money? Justin shared that while the cost per click is higher on LinkedIn, they are more valuable due to the amount of targeting that you can achieve on the platform. 

“If you don’t care who sees your post, and your only goal is the cheapest cost per click, then there’s gonna be lots of better options than LinkedIn. The appeal of LinkedIn is that the quality of those clicks is better,” he said. You can specify who to show your ads to by job title, industry and location. That way your leads can be pre-qualified before they even see your ad, leading to better conversion rates and a better ROI. LinkedIn also provides a more engaging way to connect with potential clients, because your ads can foster conversations rather than relying on cold outreach. 

Can LinkedIn ads be used for business growth?

When people log on to LinkedIn, they come with the intent of being influenced on b2b buying decisions. High level executives come to the platform to learn about other people’s buying decisions, strategies and successes, and they actively want to apply that to their own businesses. If you can position your ads to speak to their questions or interests, you’re going to be able to influence people to buy your product or service. “Running ads on a platform like that and to people in that mindset is really powerful,” Justin shared. “The trust that you win on LinkedIn can be monetized more easily than popularity on any other platform.” Your ads can be used for anything from selling to building brand awareness, and business growth is definitely included in that.

Should you touch on customer pain points in your LinkedIn ads? 

Absolutely. Your cold layer should tap into something that people want to engage with. Whether you’re using polls as surveys to see what your customers care about or asking which of your solutions they would find the most helpful for dealing with XYZ, touching on their pain points is essential to building that engagement. 

Justin recommended talking about the main pain point that you solve. That might be higher calibre service at a more affordable price. Whether you focus on the pain itself or the relief that your services offer, it’s important to touch on those pain points throughout your ad campaign. Justin recommended using the narrative of “This is the pain point we solve, these are the results of people that work with us, and this is why you can trust us to do the same for you.”

Why is retargeting so helpful for LinkedIn ads? 

Retargeting is the trick to boosting your conversion rates. While your ads can be great for getting your message in front of the right people, retargeting can put you back in their minds when they actually want to buy. Justin said that when people are first looking for a specific service, they’re not looking to buy immediately. “Retargeting is important, because chances are they’re making that decision and evaluating people over the next 30-90 days. They’re evaluating other vendors. They don’t know that they trust you yet.” 

Retargeting should focus on building that trust during the evaluation process. If you’re using testimonials in your ads, touching on your customers’ pain points and presenting yourself as a reliable option, they’re far more likely to choose you than if you’d just shown them the same 20% offer 5 times. This is where a podcast can come in, because it builds the impression that other people trust you too, including leading names in your industry. Retargeting moves the needle on trust more than anything else. 

To learn more about using LinkedIn ads for your recruitment business, tune in to Episode 19 of The Skill Point Podcast here