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5 ways to supercharge your recruitment website

Written by: Haydn Morgans | Nov 24, 2021

Case studies

  • Give a personal and human lead story, a real account of good work done for familiar sectors/job roles.
    • Leverage this in social media posts
    • Include things like, location, time to hire, timeframe
    • Make sure to get a candidate and client quote

Podcast section

  • Creating a podcast is a fantastic source of content, but also a great addition to add to your website. It adds gravitas as well as SEO benefits
    • Positions you as a thought leader in your marketplace
    • Allows you to show to clients the calibre of guests you’ve talked to
    • Grows the depth of your website improving SEO with your growing content

Get a blog on your site and post regularly

  • Having a stocked blog on your website helps enormously for SEO but also cements your status as a thought-leading business with its finger on the pulse.
    • Repurpose sound bites from your podcast to create relevant snippets
    • Take the time to find out what your client/candidates pain points are and write content about it
    • Improve your website SEO but touching on keywords and building depth to your website

Whitepaper / Brochure download

  • Leverage a consistent source of contacts by adding in call to actions allowing people to download whitepapers or your sales decks/brochures.
    • Think Salary survey, state of the market, future of the sector content (Lean on your clients/candidates to contribute to help create the best possible content)
    • Connect it up to a marketing automation software to create workflows once people download. (Add to CRM + send follow up emails)
    • Make the download process as easy as possible, and don’t ask for too much personal data. Manually qualify later.

Ease of contact

  • Make getting in touch with you idiot proof, there should be 2/3 clear Call to actions on your website on every page.
    • Add a chatbot onto your website (We have seen success with Facebook’s own chatbot widget, people like to talk to you via messenger)
    • Add a quick to submit form on the bottom of each page. Try to get in the habit of getting in touch quickly while they’re relevant.
    • Add a clear-to-see call button on your menu and footer, make sure it’s especially easy to click to call via mobile.