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5 ways to supercharge your recruitment website

Case studies

  • Give a personal and human lead story, a real account of good work done for familiar sectors/job roles.
    • Leverage this in social media posts
    • Include things like, location, time to hire, timeframe
    • Make sure to get a candidate and client quote

Podcast section

  • Creating a podcast is a fantastic source of content, but also a great addition to add to your website. It adds gravitas as well as SEO benefits
    • Positions you as a thought leader in your marketplace
    • Allows you to show to clients the calibre of guests you’ve talked to
    • Grows the depth of your website improving SEO with your growing content

Get a blog on your site and post regularly

  • Having a stocked blog on your website helps enormously for SEO but also cements your status as a thought-leading business with its finger on the pulse.
    • Repurpose sound bites from your podcast to create relevant snippets
    • Take the time to find out what your client/candidates pain points are and write content about it
    • Improve your website SEO but touching on keywords and building depth to your website

Whitepaper / Brochure download

  • Leverage a consistent source of contacts by adding in call to actions allowing people to download whitepapers or your sales decks/brochures.
    • Think Salary survey, state of the market, future of the sector content (Lean on your clients/candidates to contribute to help create the best possible content)
    • Connect it up to a marketing automation software to create workflows once people download. (Add to CRM + send follow up emails)
    • Make the download process as easy as possible, and don’t ask for too much personal data. Manually qualify later.

Ease of contact

  • Make getting in touch with you idiot proof, there should be 2/3 clear Call to actions on your website on every page.
    • Add a chatbot onto your website (We have seen success with Facebook’s own chatbot widget, people like to talk to you via messenger)
    • Add a quick to submit form on the bottom of each page. Try to get in the habit of getting in touch quickly while they’re relevant.
    • Add a clear-to-see call button on your menu and footer, make sure it’s especially easy to click to call via mobile.

We’ve partnered with Ecologi

65 Trees planted so far

We’re proud to announce as part of our efforts to leverage the growth of business by giving back, that we’ve signed up with Ecologi.

We’re thrilled to be doing our part in improving the planet that we all live on by growing our own company forest. We hope to consistently improve the amount we give to Ecologi as we grow and develop.

Ecoligi is on a mission to help restore the planet through monthly subscriptions. Businesses like ours sign up and pledge money each month, which in turn are used to plant trees all around the world.

We’re looking forward to seeing our forest grow and our partnership strengthen with Ecologi as the months go on.

View our forest here:

5 Ways to Stretch your Content

It’s mad if you really think about it. Sometimes you can spend hours on a piece of content and then just relegate it to a blog or a video.

Good marketing stretches content, re-uses and rehashes your information to squeeze every drop of juice out of it.

1. Break it down into social posts.

The social algorithms favour posts without links. Why not take snippets from your content and repurpose into clips or posts.

2. Create a video from it.

If you’ve made a particularly good piece of written content then get in front of your phone camera and re-do it as video (Upload onto stories, TikTok, LinkedIn or YouTube?)

3. Create an infographic

Have you used data, or found some clever insights. Why not hire a graphic designer to create an infographic. Allow other companies to embed it as content on their website and get a good backlink.

4. Make it into a slide deck or carousel

Make it into an easy to slide mini-presentation perfect for uploading to LinkedIn!

5. Turn it into audio content, guest a podcast or start your own?

Get a guest spot on a relevant podcast and share what you’ve learnt? Or if you’re thinking of starting your own podcast, discuss the topic on that!